So, you’re starting a business…

So You are starting a business - Mainstreet Business Services Small Business AdviceStarting a business can be daunting – the best way is to plan and then do it!

An easy way to start is to meet like-minded people who are also finding their way through the business maze. Local councils often have excellent business networking events so go along and meet people in your local area. Ask around and get the name of a good lawyer, accountant, logo designer, web site designer, photographer etc. It means you will be working with someone who knows what they are doing, and, it will save you hours of time on the internet looking for someone!

Also, it is really helpful to find a family member, friend or business contact to act as your sounding board when you get stuck or need a second opinion. And remember, when your business is up and running, share what you have learnt with the newbies! Good luck!


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